Stay Awesome and Blossom
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Hello I'm Joss TM! 

I'm a spunky traveling content creator who can't seem to put the camera down when something beautiful catches my eye.

On my wild spontaneous adventures out on the open road, I enjoy exploring nature, discovering small cute towns, connecting with others from the nomadic community with an everlasting desire to document life's organic moments through the art of photos, videos and mixed media art.

After working in the Hollywood industry as a Model, Commercial Actor, and behind the scenes  of some wild productions, I've come to discover how much I thoroughly enjoy sharing that  creative magic with others in producing unique passion projects that feature wholesome brands and highlighting artisans behind their craft. 

I love to create look books for specialty small businesses and independent artist with a focus on micro social media content that connects with people on w different level.

This portfolio site and blog is my personal time capsule where I share some of the BTS, aka behind the scenes of the creative process in projects I've worked on and share the very things that inspire my imagination.

If you have a special project in mind I'd love to hear about it.

Stay Awesome and Blossom!

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