Stay Awesome and Blossom
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Hello I'm Joss TM! 

I'm a spunky creative visual artist who can't seem to put the camera down simply because the way people move in their natural element captives my eye and I can't help but see the art in everything, so when I see the organic cadence of life's poetry I'm drawn deep.

On my wild spontaneous adventures as a traveling content creator exploring nature and discovering new surrounds of small cute towns, the one thing that is constant is an everlasting desire to document life's organic moments through the art of photos, videos and mixed media art. 

After working in the Hollywood industry as Model, Commercial Actor, and behind the scenes  of multiple productions, I've come to discover how much I thoroughly enjoy the creative freedom in producing projects that feature unique wholesome  brands and highlighting artisans behind their craft. 

My work is diverse and versatile to flow into an array of industries in producing lifestyle imagery, Stop Motion Art, Dynamic Portraits, Artist Reels, Raw Docs, E-Commerce products and Fashion with a high focus on Micro content for  Social Media outlets for Businesses, Working Professionals, and Artists.

Finding the beautiful in the all the chaos is my MO, so let's just elevate and create.

Stay Awesome and Blossom


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