Joss TM

About Me

“Stay awesome and blossom.”

— Joss TM


Hello! I’m Joss TM and I’m a visual artist.

As a photographer, I love capturing candid moments of true beauty, people in their element, stoic super hero looks, the serendipity joys of life, the patterns of symmetry, and the stillness of encapsulating frozen moments in time.

As a videographer, I become entranced by the creative process and gravitate to the movement of stelar close ups from unseen perspectives.

As a model | actor, the lens is flipped and I get to co-create in the reverse. It’s a trilling, challenging, and humbling to be able to bring diversity into the mix by representing queer people of color in the industry.

As a art curator, I get to give back and bring unity in the community by co-producing popup art shows jam packed with entertainment that explode inspiration for collaboration.

Pretty much a real life unicorn or that sly fox you thought you saw running over the hill.

When I’m not working on projects, you can find me exploring and hiking somewhere out in nature.

Currently based in Los Angeles, CA but I love travel adventures! I’m am available for both local and international projects.

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